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"we come from a city where they ride big rims on eything....." - Every time i turn around, we always in some shit [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The Juice Man

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"we come from a city where they ride big rims on eything....." [Jul. 29th, 2005|07:04 am]
The Juice Man
[mood |peacefulkinda peaceful]
[music |Frayser Boy - Summa Tyme]

hey whats up, yeah i had to get up early this morning to go to football and i have about 30 minutes until i leave, so i guess ill go ahead and update on my last couple of days. well me, zach, adam, brandon, josh and tom were supposed to go camping on wednesday, but that didnt really work out, so instead me and zach and adam hung out. we went to my house for a while and played some ncaa 06, then we went to taco bell, and saw some absolute homosexuals!!! but yeah after that we went to this gas station and we were just lookin at magazines and stuff, and the woman workin there went outside and got this undercover cop guy to come up there and stand beside her. well zach decided to get some candy and a slush drink. when we started walking out of the store the cop followed us out and called out zach, and when we turned around he flashed us his badge, and he was "hey next time yall come in here yall need to keep your hands to yourself." we were like what! what are you talkin about and he just turned around and walked back in the store. i guess he thought we were trying to steal something. i dont know but oh well we thought that was kinda weird. after that we went to adams house and got super troopers and went back to my house and watched that. (very funny movie) well zach went home and adam spent the night and then the next day me and adam went to chili's to eat then we had to go to Ms. Woods house to pick up some brownies (she made me brownies because i didnt get to go to St. Louis, ha) they were some straight fire. well after that we went to sports authority and played ping-pong for like 2 hours and then i took him home but yeha thats about all, so im gonna go now, talk to you all later.....

[User Picture]From: zachrb88
2005-07-29 08:16 pm (UTC)

"I was fixing to pull out my nine and put a cap in that pig's ass!"

Yeah dude, that cop was a fag. He was just mad because he was like 5'0''. Ha ha. He didn't want to see me, you, and Koop. We should've pulled out our tones and busted that mane. Ha ha. My dad said he may come down there and watch you practice and say whats up to Coach Veezey. Well im out, I'll holla.
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