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Every time i turn around, we always in some shit [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The Juice Man

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cus if id never seen your face... i probly wouldnt be this way.... [Jul. 21st, 2005|10:30 pm]
The Juice Man
[mood |chipperchipper]
[music |Three 6 Mafia - Tear Da Club Up '97]

hey folks, whats up im so bored i might scream. well anyways yesterday was a pretty good day i guess i went to youth group. i was like 30 minutes late because of football but oh well. after that we played basketball for a while and then me, mark, ashley and aly drove to chick-fil-a and we saw calvin working. and we talked to him for a bit. then we went to wal-mart and me and mark sat in these chairs and read this magazine about ncaa football 2006 (the game is absolutely awesome, everybody should get it and play all day long)yeah well we did that for a while. and then mark and i went to get my car and then i went home.

well today nothin fun really happened, i had to go help my dad move some stuff in his new office, and then i was gonna go to eastover with mark but i didnt have time to before football. oh yeah i had burger king today for like the first time in like two years..... it was pretty good, a convenient change form the same ole mcdonalds. yeha we had a 7 on 7 scrimmage today which doesnt really involve me at all, but i guess it was kinda fun to watch.

well thats about it for me and my last couple of days, i guess ill update later with more interesting news about my life, laterrr.

"We tearin the club up, gettin buck
Haters try to call it rough
They better call security, bring them straight jackets and handcuffs
Ain't takin it, ain't takin it
The clutches i be breakin it
And rippin off the bosses and tossin them to the floor, bricks
Going through the window, got that thing at your temple
When they bust, keep it trust, and we ain't talkin bout bustin pimples
Haters can't get with the mafia click, them fools ain't buck enough
We gonna get the dynamite trick, and blow the club up"
~Juicy J-Tear Da Club Up '97

ok im done now molly, gah... don't rush me!!!!
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"9:30 in the mawnin, nigga still yawnin..... " [Jul. 19th, 2005|11:33 pm]
The Juice Man
[mood |boredi wish i was tired]
[music |Three 6 Mafia - Who I Is]

hey guys, hows life? mines ok, i guess i cant go on the incredibly fun trip to st. louis with yall, because of football, that kinda sucks. but oh well maybe it will suck and none of you will have any fun! haha jkin.

calvin and mark spent the night last night, and we stayted up late watchin a movie called HOT WET AMERICAN SUMMER... ha yeah it was so funny, kinda random but still funny. yeah and then we went to bed and when i woke up this "morning" i realized that calvin and mark were both gone. i wasnt surprised that calvin was gone because he always leaves at the crack of dawn. he always has some important emergency, and he has to be home bright and early to take care of it. but yeah mark usually doesnt leave before i wake up so i thought that it was odd that he was gone. but then i looked at the clock and it said 1:55!!! I was so mad cus i dont think i have ever in my life slept that late. i felt like i had lost the entire day. cis then i had to be at football in like an hour. oh well that was weird. well then after i had fully awaken calvin called me and said he had a flat tire and he needed me to pick him up and help him change his tire. (i think this is something that he needs to be able to do on his own) but i being the wonderful friend i am told him i would go and help him change it. but before i got there some mexicans had already helped him change it and all was good. but yeah after that i went to football and then came home and i havent done anything since.

well i think im about done here so ima leave ya with lil verse by da juice mane.... nigga slangin lyrics!

"It's the return of the memphis boys that been pimpin
Tearin up the clubs on the syrup syrup sippin
Club full of drugs on the curb just kickin
Juicy J Da Gigalo with 85 women
Ridin in a truck young bloods drinkin remi
Underneath the hood, yes my nigga its a hemi
Snatch ya off for change, take your chain, playa gimme
It's Three 6 Mafia, Trillville getting wild in this bizzitch"
~Juicy J-Who I Is
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"Her baby came out sideways, and she didn't even scream." [Jul. 10th, 2005|11:56 pm]
The Juice Man
[mood |crushedcrushed.... beyond belief]
[music |Three 6 Mafia - Mafia Niggaz]

man im so upset right now. i cant believe the rym thang got hurricaned out. damn dennis! oh well its in God's hands and hes got everything under control, but yeah im totally siked about SlUmBeR PaRtY aT MiKeS HoUsE!!! haha sweetness!

oh yeah if its not raining really really hard we are supposed to have a softball game tuesday night at 7:30 i believe.... playoffs, where legends are born! ha yeah but everybody should come cheer us on to a predestined victory over the baptists. haha jkin, but yeah please come.

anyways last night me, mark, jessie and aly went to go see Dark Water....... um please dont waste your money. it was horrible. but hey hey i guess im gonna go on ill catch you all on the flip side of things! lata exterminata!

"Wit dem toys yeah we got em
Make the noise when we cock em
Guaranteed to kill and rob em
Stopped em wit the sawed off shotgun
Niggaz in the street dey found em
On dat dog food and Vodka
So much dope the blood was toxic
And the mind is pure psychotic"
~Juicy J
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hell flavored chapstick [Jul. 2nd, 2005|07:56 pm]
The Juice Man
[mood |lazylazy]
[music |In Da Game - Three 6 Mafia]

hey hows it hangin? cool, well i havent really done much lately, iv kinda just been layin around wasting my summer. the rym JUNT! is in like 8 days now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow it really snuck up on me this year, it seemed like it was so far away and then at youth group wednesday mike was like yeah were leavin a week from monday! its crazy. well we won our softball game the other night 16-10. i got kinda embarassed though because i got hit in the nose with the ball. there was a line drive hit to my right and ran to catch it, and i took my eye off it at the last second and it hit off the top of my glove and hit me right in the nose! i mean i was fine, so dont worry. i just felt dumb after it happened.

last night one of the funniest things iv ever seen in my life happened. me mark and calvin were at calvins house, and we were all 3 sittin on his couch and me and mark started messin with calvin and pullin his leg hairs and stuff and all of a sudden calvin gets up and just jumps as high as he could and nailed his head on the light above! sparks flew down when his head hit the light, and the light went out, and calvin ran to the other couch and layed down and yelled in pain. me and mark looked at calvin and made sure he was ok. then we realized what had happened and we laughed for like 21 minutes straight. it was sooooo funny. well anyways thats about all thats happened to me lately but ill update later so until then....... keep it real.
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oh hey [Jun. 23rd, 2005|07:52 pm]
The Juice Man
[mood |nostalgicnostalgic]
[music |Faith Hill - Mississippi Girl]

oh hey i guess its been a while since i wrote in the livejournal JUNT! yeeah well i just got back from north carolina, which was fun. we did so much stuff that i cant really type it all into this journal, so if your really that intersted about some of the details just ask me. well the first day before we left calvin had to see his girlfriend cus it was their 4 month 1 week 19 day aniversary so they just had to see each other. well after he dropped her off he was already late and we called him to see where he was and he was like "dude, chill out ill be there in a sec" we were like, "ok cool" and like 10 minutes later we found out he got a ticket going like 20 over. ah poor calvin. anyways thats how the trip started, then we drove for 2 days and got there and saw the wonderous ocean. it was.... well wonderous, we did a lot while we were there, so i cant pick just one thing to talk about. so ill just tell you that we had a great time.

well i guess i dont have anything to really talk about. but ill update again soon with some good stuff that you will hopefully enjoy, until then holla back.
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Who is your daddy and what does he do? [Jun. 10th, 2005|09:24 pm]
The Juice Man
[mood |ecstaticecstatic]
[music |Trace Adkins - Songs About Me]

hey im bored its a friday night at 9:30 and im sittin at home because i have to take the freakin ACT in the morning. that makes me kinda mad. well i absolutely skipped football today and ill probly get in trouble for it monday, which sucks but its ok cus ill miss like 10 days of that blasted football crap. its officially only 3 and a half days until we leave for northa carolina .....which is crazy. my parents decided today that while i was gone to north carolina they were goin to go to destin florida for the week, which kinda sucks cus if they had waited until the next week i could have gone with them. i mean i guess i shouldnt complain because im goin to panama city for rym in a few weeks anyways. tonight i went out to eat with my parents at Hazel's in ob and in the middle of our meal it started storming, and a few minutes later the electricity went off! it was kinda weird cus iv never seen the electricity go off in a public place like that. it was pitch black for like 20 seconds ......which felt like 20 minutes. it was kinda weird. after we left there we went to blockbuster and i saw clayton and josh sittin there at a picnic table in front of tcby talkin. so i went over and talked to them for a while which was pretty cool. we ended up not even getting a movie because they wouldnt accept credit cards. yeah well i guess thats all that iv done today and until next time.... good day.
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jumping jacks [Jun. 9th, 2005|01:27 pm]
The Juice Man
[mood |draineddrained]
[music |Three 6 Mafia - Dangerous Posse]

hey people this weeks been pretty good, im kinda ready for it to be over though. well yesterday after vbs i went to pick up calvin and he came to my house and we had to wait for the cable guy to come (he was supposed to come in the morning). Me and cal watched some of the movie SAW. we didnt get to finish it though because when the cable guy FINALLY came we had to turn the tv off. iv already seen it but calvin hadnt so he was a little dissapointed. well after cable man left i had to take calvin to amanda's house and then i went to see mark at work. he was gettin off right when i got there so we just went and talked for a while. last night we had youth group at ymca. it was kinda dissapointing because the gym was closed, so there was really nothing to do but swim, but nobody really wanted to do that. so then me mark calvin and tom went to wal-mart for a while and then we went to buffalo wild wings for like a minute and a half and then we had to go. so i guess that was an ok night. well today me and molly were talkin and i mentioned that i had a softball game tonight(at 6:30 at the olive branch park on field 9, come if you want), and she started laughin and says that men shouldnt play softball. i was a bit upset. i dont think its weird that men play softball. i wanna know if anybody else thinks its weird, so leave me a comment and let me know what you think about it. anyways i went to eat lunch with my big sis lucy today at that mexican place in the purple building on goodman. i cant think of the name. yeah well that was fun cus we hadnt really got to talk in a while. well ok i guess im about done here so i will talk to you all later.

"I am the predator you are the prey
You play the target, Lord play the gage
You play bitches and I mack hoes
You run from niggaz, I find the snub nose
I come from 3 6 picture platinum clique
And you cant sell three copies of your shit
You smoke garbage weed, and cheap packs a blow
You own a vehicle, pick up the Scarecrow"

~Three 6 Mafia (Lord Infamous)
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vbs junt [Jun. 7th, 2005|12:49 pm]
The Juice Man
[mood |contemplativecontemplative]
[music |Mystic Stylez - Three 6 Mafia]

wow im exhausted from this vbs stuff. its only the second day! o well yeah mark had to work today so he couldnt come with me, so it was a little boring. i mean i guess its cool. ONE WEEK FROM THIS VERY MOMENT IM LEAVING TO GO TO NORTH CAROLINA!!!!!!!!! i cant believe its so close. its gonna be a terrific trip, and i am extatic about it. were gonna be gone for like almost a week and a half, so darn, i guess i have to miss football(shucks). ha well the summers been pretty good so far. not much has happened but its still been fun. i cant wait to see the ocean and the blue water and feel the sand between my toes and just walk around on the beach at night with my best friends. its gonna be the best! well im gettin kinda hungry so im bout to go eat somthing, but ill talk to you all in a bit. goodbye.

"The moon is full and all i see is 666 in the sky"
-Triple Six(Gangsta Boo)
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reeses puff cereal [Jun. 3rd, 2005|12:01 pm]
The Juice Man
[mood |boredbored]
[music |Three 6 Mafia - Who I Is]

yeah hey i was just sittin here eatin a bowl of reeses puff cereal and i thought id update the ole livejournal. well i am officially leaving for North Carolina (c'mon and raise up) in 11 days. whooooooooo!!! im kinda excited. i had a softball game last night, i was glad because helen, anne todd, rachel and seth came to watch the game, but we got absolutely RAPED! so that sucked because thats only like the second game weve lost all year and THATS the one they came to see......... man. o well, you cant win em all. anyways after my game me and mark went to brusters and got birthday cake icecream on a waffle cone................. holy crap it was sooooo good. it was at least top 9 things iv ever eaten. you should try it sometime, you wont be dissapointed. well after brusters we went and played some ping pong and basketball at longview, which was fun. then we went to our secret spot which not many people know about besides me and mark. after we left the spot i spent the night at marks house and we stayed up lookin at triple 6 mafia stuff, and watched crunchy blac get buck on the ridin spinners music video. we did that until about 2:00 then went and talked for a while. then went to bed. but yeah i guess thats about all thats happened with me lately, so im gonna go on and ill holla back. peace!
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weird day [Jun. 1st, 2005|11:26 pm]
The Juice Man
[mood |soresore]
[music |Two-Way Freak-Three 6 Mafia]

hey i havent writtin in this in a while, but ya know iv been pretty busy with the whole summer thing. yeah well i guess we had memorial day weekend, which was kinda fun. gah this morning when i woke up i realized that every muscle in my body hurt so so so bad from football, yeah so iv had a pretty sore day. anyways me and mark went out and bought the three 6 mafia movies, choices and choices 2. they were awesome the 2nd one was a little better though. we woke up this morning and watched em. man them boys had the glocks.............., the nines............., and this junt right here, the oozy thang! haha la chat. well after we watched those 3-6 flicks, we got dressed and went to taco bell and took it to calvins house and ate. but then mark had to go to work so it was just me an calvin. (i had forgotten that mark had to work so i just rode with him to calvins house). well then after mark left calvin told me that he had to go to work. and so i didnt have a car and i was stranded! well calvin decided he would let me take his car to wal-mart and kill some time until mark got off work, and then mark could just come get me. calvin had to work at 5 and mark got off at like 5:30 so it wasnt that long. but yeah at about 6 i was sittin at chick-fil-a and mark still wasnt there. i was gettin kinda worried because he had called me like 30 minutes earlier and said he was on his way, and it wasnt that long of a drive, and plus it was raining outside. so i called him and i was like hey where are you? and he was like i had a wreck. it was a really scary moment. even though i knew he was alright it still scared me. but o well hes fine and so is the explorissa so its cool. yeah it just reminded me of my wreck on ole goodman road, and how scary it was. but at least he didnt mess his car up as bad as i did. well anyways i guess im about done here but i will be back soon. bye
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